Calgary Herald Newspaper Articles


Since late 2005 the Calgary Herald has been a forum for urban design discussion. A series of articles regarding Calgary's urban development has raised issues of interest and offered critical commentary. 

Professor Dr. Beverly A. Sandalack, founding coordinator of the Urban Design program in the Faculty of Environmental Design, Research Leader of the Urban Lab and Deputy Chairwoman on the Calgary Urban Design Review Panel; and Assistant Professor Dr. Jim Dewald of Strategy and Global Management at the Haskayne School of Business, and a Partner with Peters-Dewald Land Co.; coauthored biweekly articles that touch on current issues of urban design and development in our city.


Sense of home vital to Calgary                                                            12 Nov 2005  PDF
Peeling away society's building layers                                                 10 Dec 2005  PDF
Older inner-city areas losing people                                                      11 Feb 2006 PDF
Commuter choices easing traffic                                                             8 Apr 2006  PDF
The case for annexation - Jim                                                               13 May 2006 PDF
The case for annexation - Bev                                                              13 May 2006 PDF
‘Sameness' not good enough for city                                                    17 Jun 2006  PDF
Urban planners created the ‘blight' of East Village                               25 Jun 2006  PDF
Annexation chance to do ‘right thing'                                                    29 Jul 2006  PDF
Extra roads add to city's woes                                                               23 Sep2006  PDF
Density ‘magic bullet' needs decoding                                                    7 Oct 2006  PDF
Time to be smart about city's growth                                                     21 Oct2006  PDF
Hot urban topics revisited                                                                      4 Nov 2006  PDF
Where have all the urban forests gone?                                              11 Nov 2006  PDF
‘Brilliant city' requires nurturing                                                            23 Dec 2006  PDF
Pedestrian left out of neighbourhoods                                                 20 Feb 2007  PDF
Leadership and vision needed for city                                                  14 Apr 2007  PDF
We say we don't want sprawl, but...                                                       5 May2007  PDF
Is there a planning doctor in the house?                                             19 May 2007  PDF
Lack of political will stalls visionary plan                                                9 Jun 2007  PDF
Speeding tickets underline problem                                                      21 Jul 2007  PDF
Developers explore cutting edge                                                         18 Aug 2007  PDF
Cost of ongoing growth doesn't add up                                                25 Aug 2007 PDF
Strange priorities rule C-Train decisions                                             22 Sep 2007  PDF
Calgary must control life on the edge                                                   20 Oct 2007 PDF
Bold visions at mercy of market forces                                                 1 Dec 2007  PDF
Pace of growth important, but it's form that counts                                3 Jan 2008 PDF
Answers needed to freeway-based city                                                 5 Jan 2008 PDF
City's growth forcing change in planning                                              12Jan 2008 PDF
Happiness means being truer to form                                                 19 Jan 2008 PDF
Ho-hum street has untapped potential                                                  9 Feb 2008 PDF
Working together better than conflict                                                    1 Mar 2008 PDF
NYMBY battle thickens                                                                          8Mar 2008 PDF
Shift from freeway city lowers costs                                                   15 Mar 2008 PDF
Leadership needed to create change                                                22 Mar 2008  PDF