Various Artists
Silencio = Muerte: Red Hot + Latin
(Red Hot)

What do Melissa Etheridge, Sepultura, ex-Cypress Hill member Sen Dog and Cibo Matto have in common? It beats the hell out of me, except for the fact that they all appear (among others) on the latest (the tenth to be precise) Red Hot AIDS benefit compilation. Entitled "Silencio = Muerte [silence = death]: Red Hot + Latin", the collection encompasses a broad range of musical styles, including: the burgeoning Rock En Espanol movement (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, King Chango), East L.A. barrio rock (Los Lobos), East L.A. barrio hip-hop (Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace, and Brazilian Death Metal. There's also a fair share of Latin flavored world beat stuff that a rock pig, like yours truly, has no business (or rather, no clue) in trying to describe (sadly, I consider the Beastie Boys to be rather exotic). However, it's precisely on this point that the strength of the collection lies. Your average suburban mall dweller ain't going to find any new kicks here because the Rock En Espanol stuff isn't presented in it's finest form (forget Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ham fest with Fishbone on this album and check out their brilliant CD Rey Azucar). But, it's this very audience that could probably benefit most by owning Red Hot + Latin; you've undoubtedly realized by now that your Motorhead records haven't impressed too many of your dates, well there's no need to overall your collection -simply Travolta on over to your stereo and program in some of the sublime rhythms and grooves of Buju Banton and Los Pericos, Geggy Tah or Juan Perro and presto...yr RICO SUAVE (ain't instant culture grand?).
Z.Z. Boid.