II. Sentence Elements

2.1 Subject & Predicate

a. Simple Subjects
b. Complex Subjects
c. Subject Complements
d. Predicate Identification
e. Subject-Verb Agreement

2.2 Object

a. Simple Objects
b. Complex Objects
c. Direct Objects (Simple & Complex)
d. Indirect Objects (Simple & Complex)
e. Object Complements

2.3 Clauses

a. Clause Identification
b. Main & Subordinate Clauses
c. Noun Clauses
d. Adjective & Adverb Clauses
e. Practice Identifying Clauses

2.4  Phrases

a. Phrase Identification
b. Noun & Verb Phrases
c. Prepositional Phrase
d. Verbal Phrases (Infinitive, Participial, & Gerund)
e. Appositive & Absolute Phrases
f. Practice for Distinguishing Phrases
g. Phrase Functions

2.5  Sentences

a. Simple Sentence
b. Compound Sentence
c. Complex Sentence
d. Compound-Complex Sentence

2.6  Sentence Faults

a. Sentence Fragments
b. Ambiguous Modifier
c. Dangling Modifiers (Gerund, Infinitive, Participial, & Elliptical)
d. Shifts
e. Mixed Constructions

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