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Submitted by admin on Thu, 09/25/2014 - 11:44am

Q&A with United Way leadership donor, Jessica Bergen

Chillin'4 Charity makes a splashy contribution to campus fundraising race

Thanks to our entire university community, we surpassed our goal and raised more than $407,000 for the United Way last year. We hope to build on this momentum in 2014 and raise $425,000. 

With your support, we can help United Way invest in programs that tackle root causes of social issues. Through donations as little as one or two dollars a day, you can change lives, brighten futures and become an Everyday Hero! 

United Way Impact

Superheros Unite to do Good for YYC

Fundraising Goal


The battle for

  1. Cumming School of Medicine - $37,024
  2. Faculty of Arts - $34,828
  3. Haskayne School of Business - $32,717
  4. VP Finance and Services - $22,697
  5. President's Office - $18,125