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African Occasional Papers (ISSN 0832-8277)




The African Occasional Papers series makes available information on topics relevant to African archaeology and related subjects. The series mostly consists of edited versions of theses submitted for higher degrees (primarily at African universities). The series editor is P.L. Shinnie of the Department of Archaeology, assisted by Dr. D.G. Hatt, Department of Anthropology, and Dr. D. Mato, Department of Art, University of Calgary.

  1. François J. Kense
    Traditional African Iron Working

  2. Effah-Gyamfi, Kwaku
    Bono Manso: An Archaeological Investigation into Early Akan Urbanism

  3. Boachie-Ansah, J.
    An Archaeological Contribution to the History of Wenchi

  4. Crossland, L.B.
    Pottery From the Begho - B2 Site, Ghana

  5. Zarroug, Mohi El-Din Abdalla
    The Kingdom of Alwa

  6. Braimah, J.A.
    History and Traditions of the Gonja