What's All This Got To Do With the Price of 2X4's?

Edited by Michael Apsey

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ISBN 1-55238-188-9
347 pp.
6" x 9 "
Legacies Shared Series, No. 20

Environmental Studies

About the Book

With a career spanning more than forty years, from the isolation of the Canadian forest to the drama of the corporate boardroom, Mike Apsey has seen first-hand the complexities of forest management. What’s All This Got to Do with the Price of 2x4’s? is the insider’s account that gives readers a new background on the competing tensions of conservation and international economics. With the perspective of someone who has served on both sides of the issue – industry and government – Apsey is in a unique position to advance timely recommendations for a system of forestry governance and offer a new approach to developing forest policy. Invaluable for anyone concerned about conservation and the future of the world’s forests, this memoir underscores the intricacies and intertwining of forest policy, economics, and public policy.



About the Author

Mike Apsey has been a professional forester since 1961, serving as Deputy Minister of Forests in British Columbia from 1978 to 1984. He has acted as President and CEO of the Council of Forest Industry, and is currently the chair of the National Forest Strategy Coalition, Wildlife Habitat Canada, and Tree Canada Foundation.    



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