The First Dutch Settlement in Alberta: Letters from the Pioneer Years

Edited by Donald Sinnema

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ISBN 1-55238-173-0
386 pp.
6" x 9"

Canadian Studies

About the Book

Translated from Dutch, this collection of letters makes available for the first time in English a detailed view of the Dutch pioneer community in southern Alberta. The letters reveal much about the immigrant experience and detail how these pioneers fared in the early years of Albertaís history. They document a slice of early life in Alberta just before and after the province was born in 1905, a time when the great land rush for free homesteads lured thousands of new settlers to the prairies from eastern Canada, the United States, and Europe. The First Dutch Settlement in Alberta pictures the pioneer experience in elaborate detail, from the lonely homestead on the bald prairie to a well- developed rural community with new railroads and towns, new churches and schools, and even rural telephone service ñ all within the rapid course of a decade. Includes a map of Dutch settlement in Alberta in addition to a wealth of genealogical information.


About the Author

Donald Sinnema earned his PhD in historical theology from St. Michaelís College at the University of Toronto and is currently a professor of theology at Trinity College in Illinois.



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