Place Names of Alberta
Volume I: Mountains, Parks and Foothills

Aphrodite Karamitsanis, editor

ISBN 0919813739 (vol. I)
$29.95 paper
ISBN 0919813917 (four volume set)

xxv + 292 pages
10.5 x 8 in.
22 colour photos, 23 b/w photos, 2 maps, biblio.

Co-publisher: Alberta Community Development, Friends of Geographical Names of Alberta Society

About the Book

This first in a series of four reference books focuses on Alberta's official geographical place names combining gazetteer and origin information within the mountains, mountain parks, and foothills and is the most current and complete tool regarding this area of the province's toponymy.

Place names fascinate everyone, and certainly Alberta has its share of striking and unusual place names. Some evoke an atmosphere, such as "Gloomy Creek" or "Happy Valley"; some are simply descriptive, such as "Castle Mountain" or "Thin Lake." Origins of place names are as diverse as the names themselves and in Place Names of Alberta: Volume I. Mountains, Mountain Parks and Foothills, many of the historical stories will unfold.


About the Editor

At the time of writing, Aphrodite Karamitsanis was the Geographical Names Programme Coordinator for the Historic Sites Service, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, Edmonton, Alberta. For a number of years, she was heard regularly as the "Namedropper" on the "Saturday Morning Show" on CBC radio in Alberta.


Other Volumes in the Series

Karamitsanis, Aphrodite, editor
Place Names of Alberta, Volume II: Southern Alberta

Harrison, Tracey, editor
Place Names of Alberta, Volume III: Central Alberta

Aubrey, Merrily, editor
Place Names of Alberta, Vol. IV: Northern Alberta

The four volumes may also be ordered together as a set (ISBN 0-919813-91-7 set).



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