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University of Calgary - Mexico Global Research Initiative

Submitted by dandrei on Sun, 06/05/2016 - 6:30pm

Through the launch of the Global Research Initiative in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources the University of Calgary takes a leadership role in driving innovative research in unconventional oil and gas around the world. We have tremendous capacity to improve understanding of resources, develop methods and technologies to increase recovery, and minimize environmental impact.

The GRI will secure four sites where the university will house unique research facilities in: Western Canada, China, Mexico and the Middle East.

The University of Calgary has strong, long-standing ties with Mexico. As the seventh largest oil producer in the world, Mexico shares interests in energy innovation that forms the basis for collaborations in research and training. The convergence of geographic proximity, trilateral agreements, and strong collaborations in Latin America make Mexico a country of emphasis for us.  

UCalgary – Mexico relationship driven by energy and a strong, long standing partnership

In December 2013, Mexico launched an extensive energy reform that will open up its oil and gas sector to foreign investment. 

On December 5, 2015 the University of Calgary and the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER) signed a collaboration note to to help Mexico boost its energy sector. As part of this partnership, SENER has allocated approximately $12 million over four years from their hydrocarbon fund for Mexican organizations that want to collaborate with the university on energy research and education.

On June 7, 2016 Mexico’s Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell visited the UCalgary booth at the Global Petroleum Show, met with university leaders and Alberta’s Minster of Energy, the Honourable McCuaig-Boyd. University of Calgary hosted a reception at the Global Petroleum Show to highlight the Global Research Initiative between the university and Mexico.

Alberta's Minister of Energy, the Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd and Mexico's Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell were among our honoured guests, together with senior representatives from the Mexican Ministry of Energy, the National Hydrocarbons Commission, the Energy Regulatory Commission, the National Gas Control Center, the Mexican Petroleum Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), PROMÉXICO Trade and Investment and the Mexican Academy of Engineering.