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Submitted by dandrei on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 10:47am

University of Calgary International focuses on advancing international partnerships working with foreign partners, universities, governments and organizations to plan and deliver customized learning programs.

The University of Calgary offers customized degree and training programs that help international partners' sponsor students and employees to:

  • obtain a degree or diploma from the University of Calgary, Canada’s #1 young university
  • select from different program formats and attend courses delivered at a host university in your country
  • get concentrated blocks of training that easily integrate with their work schedule
  • acquire hands-on learning that can be applied in the workplace
  • enjoy experienced and knowledgeable facilitators who are experts in their fields


Collaborative Degree Programs

A collaborative academic program is established between the University of Calgary and a foreign partner university and enables international students to complete two or three years at their home university and then study for two years at the University of Calgary. International students can complete their studies at a top Canadian university, get international exposure and:

  1. earn one bachelor’s degree from home university and one from University of Calgary (2+2 Science program)
  2. earn a bachelor’s degree from home university and a master’s degree from University of Calgary (3+2 Engineering program)


Professional Master’s Degree Programs

University of Calgary has solid expertise in offering off-shore professional master’s degree programs to foreign governments, foreign private sector companies and international development agencies. Through a customized, professional master’s degree program, sponsored students or employees can pursue a University of Calgary degree without taking a long break from work or leaving the country. Courses are taught at a host institution in the partner’s country by University of Calgary professors over several concentrated blocks of study. An example of such a customized program is the project management master’s program we offered in Iran.


Short-Term Training Programs

University of Calgary International creates and delivers customized, short-term training programs geared towards developing international leaders and professionals in the following areas:

  • Engineering: chemical and petroleum engineering, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and energy innovations
  • Sciences: geomatics
  • Social work: international community development
  • Environmental and urban design
  • Project management
  • Public policy and legal reform
  • Education and health
  • International development and disaster resilience

Clients include foreign companies, business associations, governments and international development agencies.

Contact Kevin Ellwood, manager, International Programs (articulation , sponsorship, training) at or at +1.403.220.2145 to discuss your needs and build the customized degree or training programs you require.