University of Calgary

Global Friendship and Language Bank

Global Friendship Program

We organize events and activities to promote friendship between international and Canadian students from all over Canada and the world.

We meet at least twice each month, which allows students to connect with other students while participating in low-cost social activities in the Calgary area. Activities include skating or learning how to skate at the Olympic Oval, going to a football game, a day trip to Banff or West Edmonton Mall, a Flames hockey game, potluck suppers and more.

For more information about how to get involved, contact us
or visit us at CISSA, MacEwan Student Centre 275.




Language Bank

The Language Bank provides an opportunity for relaxed language learning between internatioanl and Canadian students.  If you want to learn or practice a language with a first language speaker, or teach your own language the Language Bank  makes the match!

Participating in pairs or groups, you teach your language, enhance your knowledge of a second or third language, or start to learn a language.  You arrange to meet regularly, for example, two hours per week, and to attend functions with a cultural background to become familiar with the context of the language.


How to join? Come to CISSA office at MacEwan Student Centre 275 to sign up on the designated computer for the Language Bank. Our front desk staff will be more than happy to help you.