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8th Kananaskis Symposium on Classical and Quantum Simulations

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 3:45pm

8th Kananaskis Symposium on Classical and Quantum Simulations

Organized by Dr. Sergei Noskov

Dates: 27th to 29th January 2017

This year program for our symposium revolves around general topic of

“Connecting scales, incorporating experimental data and building predictive models in chemistry, biology and material sciences”.

During the annual symposium CMS members will have a chance to witness and discuss computational method developments spanning large spatial-temporal scales from several labs affiliated with the Centre. No modelling topics are off-limit, if you think that your methods are not working, your results contradicts experimental observations and there is no hope left to graduate with peer-reviewed publication… please bring it up. Friendly face-to-face discussions with peers working across different disciplines may be your remedy!

We will have selection of presentations on forefront applications, round-table chats and if weather permits while-on-the-hike discussions on development and implementation issues of electron structure computations, polarizable models, atomic and coarse grained simulations applied to processes ranging from atmospheric and green chemistry to design of efficient solid-state catalysts to biological membrane properties and to mesoscopic phenomena in excitable tissues. CMS trainees, this is your chance to see larger-than-one-lab (or even single project) picture of modern computational molecular sciences in an informal setting located in Canadian Rockies.

Please send an email to Joyce Simoes at

Registration DEADLINE : 6th January 2017