Emerging Teachers Development Program

Emerging Teachers Development introduces participants to a variety of topics related to developing their university teaching, with opportunities for discussion, practice and reflection. Participants will be invited to select topics of interest from a range of workshops offered in order to tailor this component to their needs. To earn the badge, participants must complete a minimum of five workshops in the Emerging Teachers Development Program and submit a summary reflective statement about their learning. The Emerging Teachers Development Program was formerly called Graduate Student Teaching Development Program. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are welcome to register.

What are badges?
Badges are digital icons with embedded information about when, where and how they were earned. This information, or metadata, includes the name of the issuer, the date issued and criteria for earning the badge. Badges provide a visual record of achievement, and can be combined with a portfolio to allow users to demonstrate their learning in ways other than traditional credit course work.

Badges are issued through UCalgary Badges, a platform developed by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. More information is available on the UCalgary Badges site.

Badge criteria

  • Workshops: Participation in a minimum of five workshops for the Emerging Teachers Development Program. It is recommended that participants keep notes of their learning following each workshop and begin the reflection process.
  • Summary Reflective Statement: After completing five workshops, participants submit a reflective statement which summarizes their key learnings from the five workshops; how their beliefs about teaching and learning evolved and/or changed; why their beliefs about teaching and learning evolved and/or changed; and what skills or strategies they have implemented or plan to implement as a result of attending the workshops.

Earning the badge
To earn the badge, participants must self-register in the Emerging Teachers Development course in D2L in order to get all the latest information and get the summary reflective statement template. 

After you have participated in a minimum of five workshops and you have written your summary reflective statement, you will submit the BADGE Application Form. Once your summary reflective statement and workshop attendance have been verified, you will be issued the badge. 

Enrolling in the D2L course
Participants will need to self-register in the D2L course. To do this, log into D2L and look for the self-registration link under "My Tools". Select "Emerging Teachers Development Program" and click the "Register" button in the bottom right hand corner.

Emerging Teachers Development Workshops
The following workshops can be used toward earning a badge within the Emerging Teachers Development Program. Click the link to register; you must register in order to attend the workshop.

The Fall 2017 Emerging Teachers Development Workshop Schedule is available here.

The Winter 2018 Emerging Teachers Development Workshop Schedule is available here.