SoTL Foundations for Postdocs

The scholarship of teaching and learning, or SoTL, is research-based inquiry by disciplinary experts at the post-secondary level who seek to understand or improve student learning, and the teaching practices that facilitate that learning.

SoTL Foundations Program Badge of Completion

Through a series of discussion-based sessions focused on brief foundational SoTL readings,* attending short workshops, and developing a basic SoTL plan, participants in this postdoc program will learn about scholarly, evidence-based approaches to student learning and to their own teaching.  

Facilitated by Dr. Kiara Mikita (Postdoctoral Scholar, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), the SoTL Foundations Program for Postdocs aims to help participants learn to:

  • Describe SoTL as a field and as a practice, emphasizing its key concepts, questions, and scholars,
  • Use SoTL to begin asking meaningful questions about their own disciplinary teaching and learning experiences, and
  • Develop a basic SoTL plan by identifying a meaningful question and appropriate methods for answering it.

Postdocs who complete this one-semester Program will be prepared to support, collaborate on, and/or conduct SoTL projects (e.g., as co-applicants or RAs on University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants). 

Criteria for Completion

To complete the SoTL Foundations Program, participants must complete the following sequence within one semester:***


Fall 2018 Dates 

         Winter 2019 Dates
  1. Prepare for and participate in any four of the six scheduled reading discussion group sessions. (Through the registration system, participants will be supplied with a journal article or book chapter prior to each session.



  1. Participate in 3 SoTL workshops at the Taylor Institute.


Develop a brief plan for a SoTL project with an explanation of how it draws upon the readings and discussion groups attended.

          Due date TBA

          Due date TBA


Those who complete the SoTL Foundations Program for Postdocs will submit a Badge Application Form (specific to the semester in which the badge requirements are completed) and receive a digital badge issued by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The digital badge may be displayed on online portfolios, on social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

* Through the registration system, participants will be supplied with a journal article or book chapter prior to each session.

**  Questions regarding the requirements and timing of the SoTL Foundations Program completion may be directed to Dr. Kiara Mikita (