Open Classroom Week: ANTH 309

Open Classroom Week gives instructors the opportunity to observe what others are doing in their classrooms and engage in conversations about teaching with their colleagues. A number of instructors will open their classroom doors to allow their colleagues to watch them teach and observe their approaches to different classroom settings, teaching practices, technology applications and learning experiences.

ANTH 309 - Human Evolution
Location: MFH 164
Instructor: Susanne Cote
Course description: Investigation of the major phases of human evolution, with an emphasis on understanding how, when and why specific adaptations evolved. In laboratories, students learn to reconstruct behaviour from anatomical and palaeontological evidence.

Observers can expect to see teaching strategies including: Active learning / interactive lecture, Large classes, Use of handouts 

Are observers allowed to engage and participate in class?

  • Yes - questions, filling out handout 

How can observers follow up if they have questions or would like more information?

  • Observers can follow up via email after class

Are there any observer expectations?

  •  N/A

Any additional information? 

  • Instructor will be teaching the morphology of australopiths (a specific group of human ancestors) to a large class. Each student gets a handout with images of the fossils, and we go through and label the features/anatomy together.
October 10, 2017 - 12:30pm to 1:45pm
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Educational Development
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