Earn a badge (Postdocs)

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning offers five teaching development programs, through which postdocs can earn a digital badge as recognition of their achievement. Badges are digital icons with embedded information about when, where and how they were earned. These microcredentials provide a visual record of achievement, and can be combined with a portfolio to allow users to demonstrate their learning in ways other than traditional credit course work. More information on badges can be found at UCalgary Badges

The Emerging Teachers Development Program is a series of workshops for participants interested in developing their university teaching, with opportunities for discussion, practice and reflection. Participants who complete a minimum of five workshops in the Emerging Teachers Development Program can earn a digital badge offered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. 
The SoTL Foundations Development Program for Postdocs invites participants to join discussion-based sessions focused on brief foundational SoTL readings, participate in their choice of workshops and draft a preliminary SoTL plan. Participants in this program will learn about scholarly, evidence-based approaches to student learning and teaching, and will have the opportunity to reflect and build upon their own teaching and learning practices.  

The Learning Spaces & Digital Pedagogies Program is a series of workshops for participants interested in learning about how learning spaces and digital pedagogies can be integrated in teaching practice. Participants who complete a minimum of four workshops in this program, as well as an online exercise, are eligible for the Learning Spaces & Digital Pedagogies badge.

  • Theories and Issues in Teaching & Learning (available in Winter 2018) 

    This cohort-based series will focus on some of the big issues and questions in postsecondary teaching and learning.  Together we will explore what researchers currently know about how learning actually happens, discuss how to plan lessons that enhance learning, then dive into some practical applications. Each participant will have the opportunity to highlight a current issue in postsecondary education—possibilities include but are not limited to equity and inclusion, indigenization, and student accommodation—and design a learning activity for the group. We will also focus on how to give and receive high quality feedback that supports both teaching and learning.

  • Developing Your Teaching Dossier (available in Winter 2018) 

Upon successfully completing the requirements for each program, participants are eligible to receive a digital badge in recognition of their achievement. Each program has its own unique requirements for completion. 

Participants who complete all five program become eligible to receive the Postdoctoral Scholar Certificate in University Teaching & Learning.