Developing Your Teaching Dossier: Graduate Students

This intensive, blended, cohort-based series provides participants with the opportunity to integrate their understanding about teaching and learning into a portfolio-format known as a teaching dossier. Participants will complete select components of this program online and will also give and receive feedback to develop and subsequently edit their dossier. For those working toward a Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, this program is designed to be the final step so that participants can draw on learning from previous program components. Participants will develop teaching philosophy statements and learn how to integrate them with artifacts of teaching and learning into a dossier format.  Working sessions will support participants throughout the process, and peer evaluations will provide opportunities to give and receive feedback for further dossier edits and development.

During this series of workshops participants will:

  • Develop a teaching philosophy statement and dossier that aligns key beliefs about teaching and learning to sources of evidence drawn from participation in the certificate program.


Participants who complete all portions of this program are eligible for a digital badge that provides evidence of their learning. For more information on badges, see

Activity Details

Winter/Spring 2018 dates

1. Complete a combination of online and face-to-face components

Developing Your Teaching Dossier - April 25

*Please note this is a cohort based program. When you register for the April 25, 2018 workshop, this will automatically register you for all required workshops (Participants can not register for each of these workshops individually)

* What is a teaching dossier? Developing a teaching philosophy statement

April 25, 2018

* Gathering sources of evidence for a teaching dossier (includes peer feedback of philosophy statements)

April 26, 2018

* Aligning key beliefs about teaching and learning in a teaching dossier 


* Dossiers as living documents (includes peer feedback of dossier alignment)

 May 3, 2018



2. Submit a draft version of a teaching dossier

Before May 10, 2018


Please note that upon completion of this program, you will have the opportunity to volunteer as a research participant in a study that examines the use of authentic task design and assessment for evaluating a graduate student teaching development program. Details will be provided in the first workshop of cohort-based programs as well as upon your completion of the program .