Enhancing Educational Leadership, Student Engagement, and Community Ties: The Untapped Potential of Block Week Courses

This project, which focuses on enhancing student engagement in a particular type of class—the five-day block week course—will involve, engage, and benefit instructors from across the faculties while simultaneously allowing me to enhance my educational leadership skills. My initiative addresses a specific teaching and learning opportunity of interest to all faculties that already offer block week courses or that plan on offering them in the future. It will help instructors strengthen their teaching practice while improving student learning through increased engagement in these intense, accelerated classes. My project, which addresses several of the objectives and strategies identified in the Integrated Framework for Teaching and Learning, and which draws upon some of the goals outlined in the Academic Plan, further aims to raise the University of Calgary’s profile, both nationally and internationally, as an innovative institution that fosters excellence in teaching.

Teaching Scholar(s) 
Cornelia Burian
Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics, Languages and Culture

Originally from Germany, Conny Burian is an instructor at the School of Linguistics, Languages, Literatures and Culture at the University of Calgary. She holds a Ph.D. in English and has been teaching German at the University of Calgary since 2004. She has a keen interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and is very excited to be part of the Taylor Institute’s Teaching Scholars Pilot Project.

Cornelia Burian 
Faculty of Arts