College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation - Experiential Learning Accelerator

The Experiential Learning Accelerator is a central resource for connecting teachers and students with experiential learning opportunities across campus. The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) is a game changing proponent in supporting the University of Calgary’s commitment to experiential learning by embracing the power of curiosity, engaging with the community and their needs, enriching student experience, and empowering lifelong learners.



Undergraduate Research
Apply research methods to investigate real-world problems and explore unique solutions

Community Engagement Projects
Collaborate with community members to identify issues or opportunities and propose solutions and strategies

Co-operative Education
Gain practical, hands-on learning experiences in alternate academic work terms

Practice discipline-specific skills in a full-time work environment

Inquiry-Based Courses
Explore complex problems using knowledge, evidence and methods, through a multidisciplinary and innovative lens

Professional Development
Lead your own learning to acquire 21st century skills