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College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation 

The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) is the Taylor Institute’s arm devoted to providing and supporting different types of learning experiences that bring together students, faculty and community through discovery, creativity, and innovation, cutting across the normal boundaries within the university. Building a community of discovery, creativity and innovation is a core objective of the University of Calgary’s Energize Eyes High Strategy. The CDCI supports experiential and community-engaged learning opportunities through the university’s first Experiential Learning Accelerator.


     Through authentic, inquiry-led learning, the Global Challenges courses offer students                         opportunities to expand their experience in the classroom and into the community. Prepare               to discover, create and innovate! 

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     In the spirit of collaborative culture, the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation aims               to create shared experiences and new ideas for teaching and learning through Communities             of Practice for instructors.

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     We believe that learning happens by doing, not just in the classroom but out in the world.                   The Experiential Learning Accelerator is a resource for connecting students with experiential             learning opportunities across campus. 

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     Speakeasy is an event series that facilitates community-building with thought provoking                     discussion among students, staff and community across the arts, humanities, business,                       science and engineering in order to foster discovery, creativity and innovation.

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