College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation

College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation

The College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation (CDCI) is the Taylor Institute's arm devoted to undergraduate research, authentic student inquiry, and a host of other learning experiences that engage students in discovery, creativity, and innovation across the disciplines. CDCI programs will include opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to engage in activities that explore the connections between discovery research, creativity in all forms, and the elements of innovation. The foundation of the undergraduate learning experiences is inquiry-based, interdisciplinary courses focused on Global Challenges involving students who will be immersed in authentic, interdisciplinary inquiry experiences where teaching, learning and research are deeply integrated. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to engage in rigorous inquiry to generate creative and innovative solutions to challenges experienced in their local and global communities. In addition, the CDCI will support the development and sustainment of increased experiential and community-engaged learning opportunities.

CDCI Global Challenges Courses

The first-year experience at the University of Calgary is changing. 

UNIV 201: Global Challenges Inquiry I--coordinated through the Taylor Institute's CDCI--is a unique course that allows undergraduates to engage with University of Calgary experts to explore some of the world’s most complex and meaningful challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will learn valuable knowledge and research methods from a range of disciplines, and develop critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. The topic for the Fall 2017 course is Feeding 9 Billion People.

Global Challenges is the kind of learning experience that will capture the imaginations and shape the futures of students who:

  • are interested in the big, messy problems that need interdisciplinary collaboration across social science, arts, medicine, natural science, business, law, and engineering to be solved to make the world a better place, and/or
  • enjoy finding and analyzing information to develop new ideas, and working in groups to achieve a goal, and/or
  • are comfortable with "non-traditional" courses where they are actively involved in their own learning.

One of the unique features of this course is a one-day conference on the topic of the course. The conference is a mandatory requirement for the course and will be held on Friday, September 8, 2017 so that students in all sections can participate together. Students can register for UNIV 201 together with their other courses. To learn more about UNIV 201, please consult with a Student Advisor in the Student Success Centre

UNIV 203: Global Challenges Inquiry II--UNIV  201: Global Challenges Inquiry I is the prerequisite--students will have the exciting opportunity to continue to engage in inquiry-based learning. Exploring solutions to a complex, socially relevant problem using knowledge, evidence, and methods from multiple disciplines, in a highly supported environment. The aim is to connect students with members in the community to create more in depth innovations and ideas.

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