Staff Directory

Nancy Chick

Academic Director of the Taylor Institute
University Chair in Teaching and Learning
Teaching Professor, English Department, Faculty of Arts
403.220.7175 (Office Manager) TI 240
Natasha Kenny

Director, Educational Development Unit
403.220.7694 TI220B
Nahum Arguera

NSSE Research Analyst
403.220.3452 TI 220
Haboun Bair

Learning and Instructional Designer
403.220.7364 TI 220
Carol Berenson

Educational Development Consultant
403.220.6960 TI 220K
Galicia Blackman

Research Assistant, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research Team
TI 246
Rachel Braun

SoTL Program Specialist
TI 240C
Stephanie Cantlay

Project Assistant
TI 240
Jaclyn Carter

Research Assistant
Lisa King (Clough)

CDCI Program Manager
James (Jay) Cross

Director of the College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation
403-220-6564 TI 220M
Andrea Derksen

Office Manager to the Office of the Academic Director of the Taylor Institute (on leave)
403.220.7175 TI 240
Michael Do

CDCI Research Assistant
Patti Dyjur

Curriculum Development Specialist
403.220.2440 TI 220
Lisa Fedoruk

Ethics & SoTL Research Assistant
Jacqueline Fields

Teaching Scholars Research Assistant
Kim Grant

Postdoctoral Scholar, Educational Development Unit
Kyla Jamieson

Research Assistant
Cheryl Jeffs

Educational Development Consultant
403.220.5868 TI 220J
Frances Kalu

Curriculum Development Specialist
403.220.3607 TI 220
Patrick Kelly

Manager, Learning and Instructional Design
403.220.2547 TI 220
Erica Kunimoto

Research Assistant
Marlene Mansell

Administrative Coordinator
403.220.3882 TI 220
Juan Melendez

Research Assistant and Learning Spaces Steward
Kiara Mikita

SoTL Postdoctoral Scholar
TI 240
Sue Miller

Manager, Strategic Operations
403.220.6204 TI 240C
Isadora Mok-Kulakova

Online Learning Environment Lead
403.220.2164 TI 220
Robin Mueller

Educational Development Consultant
403.210.7373 TI220C
Calvin Ng

Learning Technology Coach
D'Arcy Norman

Manager, Learning Technologies
403.220.2504 TI 220
Lorelli Nowell

Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholar
Animwaa Obeng-Akrofi

Research Assistant and Learning Technologies Coaches Program Evaluations Specialist
Christopher Ostrowski

Research Associate Program Coordinator
TI 246
Raegan Penkoff

CDCI Administrative Coordinator
TI 220M
Ykje Piera

Online Learning Environment Specialist
403-220-7209 TI 220
Brian Pshyk

Learning Technologies and Environment Operations Technician
403-210-8638 TI 220
Kevin Saito

Technology Developer
403.220.8512 TI 220
Kate Sales

Research Assistant
Jessica Snow

Communications and Marketing Lead
403.220.8006 TI 220
Mike Thorn

Communications and Marketing Research Assistant
Grace Whitehead

Program Coordinator
403.220.3493 TI 220
Sandy Yimbo

Research Assistant and Learning Spaces Steward
Lin Yu

Learning and Instructional Designer
403.220.2929 TI 220