University Course-Based Inquiry Projects

Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2018 / Winter 2019: Application deadline May 14, 2018

The Taylor Institute's first-floor customizable learning spaces are dedicated to intentional teaching and learning projects in University of Calgary courses.


The learning spaces are available for classes held Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.  (Due to the Taylor Institute's staffing capacity and the building's open hours, instructors will need to make special arrangements for any final exams scheduled outside of these times.)

Anyone using these spaces should first read the Principles and Policies for Taylor Institute Spaces.

Application Process

To manage the requests for such projects, the Taylor Institute has established an application process based on the proposed use of the space, the methods for evaluating its impact on teaching and learning, and its plan for sharing the impact with the University of Calgary community. The Taylor Institute Learning Spaces Committee reviews applications and makes allocations based on the strength of applications and schedule availability. To support the most effective use of these spaces, the Committee will refer successful applicants to Taylor Institute faculty and staff for potential consultations. These instructors will also become part of a Learning Spaces Community of Practice. 

To Apply

To apply to teach your university course in the Taylor Institute, please fill out the online application form.

Excerpts of sample applications are available for reference. A collection of articles about TI learning spaces and instructors. 

Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2018 / Winter 2019: Application deadline May 14, 2018


Conducting Research in the Taylor Institute Learning Spaces

The Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) wants to inform all instructors planning scholarship of teaching and learning research projects involving humans that ethics approval may be required.  See the CFREB's "Ethical Considerations for Research in University of Calgary Courses."  (The Taylor Institute also has information about ethical SoTL in its SoTL Guide.)  If you are unsure that your teaching project in the Taylor Institute requires ethics approval please contact the CFREB. Please note that the CFREB is your primary contact for any questions or comments related to ethics approval processes (; 403-210-9863).

Recording Technology in the Classroom

For Pedagogical Purposes

If you want to use recording technology for pedagogical purposes, you have two options:

  • If individuals are not identifiable in the recording, privacy is not an issue.
  • If individuals are identifiable in the recording, you will need written consent to collect the information in advance. The FOIP Coordinator indicates that in limited circumstances, you may not need consent if the recording is an integral part of the teaching or evaluation AND individuals are notified in advance, e.g. in the course description, that a recording technology will be used for evaluative purposes.

For Research Purposes

If you want to use recording technology in the classrooms for research, you will need approval in advance from the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB).  This page on ethics (and the PDF at the bottom) on the Taylor Institute's SoTL Guide is a helpful primer. Questions should be directed to the CFREB at

Questions should be directed to the FOIP Coordinator at


Learning Spaces Map and Capacity


Room Capacity
Learning Studio A 40
Learning Studio B 30
Learning Studio C 35
Learning Studio AB 70
Learning Studio BC 65
Learning Studio ABC 105
Learning Studio D 25
Learning Studio E 40
Learning Studio DE 65
Forum (Flat floor) 132