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Submitted by larthur on Tue, 07/14/2015 - 1:20pm


There are over 50 student clubs that focus their efforts on increasing sustainability on campus and in the community. Joining a club is a great way to get involved; take a look at the list of student organizations and their mandates below to find one that suits you!


The Bike Share

A Student's Union, U of C Sanctioned Club that provides affordable Bike Rentals. Connecting students, staff and faculty to resources and access to cycling.  The Bike Share aims to raise awareness of cycling and alternative modes of transportation on and off campus.  We host fun and educational events such as speaker series, workshops and group rides. 

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Bike Root - Campus Bike Initiative

Fosters healthy lifestyles, a sense of community, and environmental sustainability at the University of Calgary and in the surrounding community by providing members with the tools, space and expertise to build and maintain one's bicycle.
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Calgary Conference on Philanthropy

Plans and executes a two-day conference around the theme of philanthropy

Canada World Youth Student Network

Join other committed students in building a more sustainable and equitable world. The Canada World Youth Student Network offers you the opportunities to enhance your expertise in international development and gain concrete experience through community-driven projects.
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Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS)

Haskayne students can enroll in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (CSR-SD) program; a student-initiated program backed by CUS with faculty collaboration.
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Community Garden Club

Guiding students in the art and science of beginning to learn to actually feed and care for themselves.
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Eco Club

Group of environmentally concerened students working hard to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. Promote peaceful education and consistent advocacy of reducing community's negative impact on earth.
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Ecosystem and Public Health Club

Targeted towards students interested in zoo medicine, wildlife, ecology and public health. Emphasis is to learn about human/animal/ecosystem interactions and related issues that arise, as well as developing hands on skills that work in this field. The club organizes and participates in learning activities involving guest speakers, day trips, field courses, fundraising events, volunteer activities, conferences and more.
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Enactus Calgary

A student-run organization that focuses on creating positive social change by utilizing business principles. Programs are designed to foster entrepreneurial development, economic and environmental sustainability, and financial literacy education within the city of Calgary and surrounding areas.
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Energy and Environment Engineering Students' Association

Represents students in the energy and environment engineering (ENEE) program at the Schulich Schoof of Engineering and is committed to prioviding these students with opportunities to supplement their classroom learning with informational and social events.
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Engineering Students' Society (ESS)

Ensures engineering students have the information and services they need to thrive academically, socially and professionally. ESS also strives to make the Schulich School of Engineering a more sustainable school for all undergrads.
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Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Responds to the urgent need of poverty (in Canada and Internationally), helping people in developing communities gain access to technologies that will improve their lives.
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Environmental Law Society (ELS)

Established to provide students with a means by which to work together to explore and participate in matters involving issues of environmental law. The Society becomes involved in projects through external contacts and interests of its members and Faculty sponsors.

Environmental Design Students Association (EVDS-SA)

A volunteer student council. It is organized and operated by the students within each discipline of the faculty; Architecture, Planning, Environmental Science, Industrial Design and the new General Program.
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Environmental Science Students Association (ESSA)

A student/member powered and directed group that provides academic services and social events to current and prospective students of the ENSC program.
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Global Bridges Calgary

Want to send a team of at least 15 students to Honduras to promote sustainable development of rural communities. They are split into five brigades, Business, Micro-finance, Public Health, Engineering and Water. For the 2015 Brigade over 40 students went down to Honduras to promote sustainability. 
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Hope 2 Opportunity (H2O)

A student-run charity organization dedicated to addressing water resource disparities in developing countries.
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ISEEE Students Association (ISEEESA)

Integrates a multidisciplinary group of students alongside today's energy and environment leaders, to help make positive changes that ensure a secure, competitive supply of energy, a sustainable environment and a strong economy for Alberta.
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Journalists for Human Rights (JHR)

Promotes human rights through media; creates dialogue through rights-based media at local, national, and international levels to "write the wrongs."
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Light Up the World! UCalgary

A non-profit organization that aims to provide alternative solar powered light sources to the developing countries. These light sources are a drastic improvement from the common household lights of the developing world as they provide an efficient and safe alternative.
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Solar Decathlon Team

To win the Solar Decathlon by designing, building and operating the most attractive, practical and energy-efficient solar-powered home. The team comprises four Calgary post-secondary schools (the U of C, SAIT Polytechnic, Mount Royal College and the Alberta College of Art + Design).
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UCalgary Greens

Strive to enhance the effectiveness of the Global Green Movement in creating a Green Society by providing an evolving social and political structure that embraces, includes and supports Green Values at a local, grassroots level.
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UNICEF on Campus

A growing grassroots movement grounded in the belief that university student can take simple effective steps to help address issues related to the plight of children.
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University of Calgary Outdoor Adventurers

Promotes an active agenda of responsible, sustainable enjoyment of the wild, and environmental consciousness.
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University of Calgary Red Cross Club (UCRC)

Increases awareness of international humanitarian issues, with a special focus on spreading awareness amongst youth. The UCRC meets its mandate by operating within the context of the International Red Cross principles.
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University of Calgary Solar Car Team

Educates the community about sustainable energy and serves as an inter-disciplinary project through which students and faculty from various departments can collaborate in supporting sustainable energy.
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Urban Calgary Students' Association (Urban CSA)

Engages students on urban issues (especially those faced by Calgarians) and bridges the gap between the student, the citizen, and the professional.
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Vegetarian and Vegan Club

A social group celebrating vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Everyone is welcome -- potlucks, recipe swaps and more!
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World University Services of Canada (WUSC)

Fosters human development and global understanding through education and training.
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World Wildlife Fund Calgary

Operated as both a SU club and a part of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, our goal is to raise awareness of the ongoing issue of climate change that leads to habitat loss for the endagered species. We also fundraise for conservation projects WWF Canada operates in order to provide a helping hand to those animals in need.
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Students' Union Sustainability Board (SUSB)

                                                                 Works to influence and effect environmentally sound and socially ethical decisions made in the Students' Union.