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  Cost: ( ↑ = increases, ↓ = decreases, 0 = neutral)
  Reduces waste
  Reduces emissions
  Benefits our community
  Makes your event memorable

1. Communication and Promotion
A Go all/more digital: invitations, websites, decorations, etc.        
B Go big: biodegradable banners (more effective than posters), make them re-usable and shareable. 0        
C If paper copies must be used, Imagine and Bound and Copied can make them small, on recycled paper and with a recycling logo.        
D Rethink your giveaways: Make them original , functional and desirable. 0        
E Announce your efforts in all 5 of these areas to guests on the day! Get the credit and make your event memorable.        
F Recruit a green team for energy, water and waste reduction. 0        

2. Food and Beverage
A Use the local catering options provided by campus caterers.        
B Use the vegetarian catering options provided by campus caterers for at least 50% of catering.        
C Use the fairtrade catering options provided by campus caterers.        
D Provide the best dinnerware and napkin catering options for your event.        
E Provide no cups or giveaway cups instead of single-use paper cups. 0        
F Provide hydration stations instead of bottled water. 0        

3. Waste Disposal
A Provide receptacles for all of the waste streams. 0        
B Use the U of C posters to clearly label what can be placed in each receptacle. 0        

4. Transportation and Energy Conservation
A Choose a venue that is easily accessed by public transport, bike and foot. 0        
B Increase carpooling through the U of C carpool program 0        
C Increase transit use through U of C-specific information and incentives 0        
D Increase cycling through U of C-specific information and incentives 0        
E Obtain renewable energy credits for your event        
F Turn off lights, computers and other equipment when they are not being used 0        

5. Budget
A Use money saved from cost reducing actions to fund cost increasing actions        
B Many companies offer sponsorship, donations and reductions for greening        
C Ask! The more people that request these services the more cost effective they become        


Get the credit! Complete the online Submission Form for recognition in our Green Events Hall of Fame and for a digital certificate of your green achievements.