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Submitted by cclorey on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 3:22pm

Supporting your health and wellness

Staff Wellness aims to promote, support and sustain the health and wellness of faculty and staff at the University of Calgary so they can perform at their best. This is accomplished by promoting practices to safeguard and optimize health, supporting employees at risk, maximizing function and aiding in recovery from occupational and non-occupational illness or injury.

Phone: 403-220-2918 


Staff Wellness in collaboration with the SU Wellness Centre and WellBeing and WorkLife in HR, have put together a handout for faculty and staff on assisting a colleague in distress to help identify internal and external resources that are available to help, and enable them to make a good referral.

Lunch and Learn Series - May

  • Building a Healthy Career | May 9
  • The Long-Term Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences | May 30

For further details or future Lunch and Learn topics, visit WellBeing and WorkLife.

Faculty and staff are advised to take precautions regarding the recent cases of mumps that have been reported in some provinces across Canada.

The main symptom of mumps is painful swelling in the cheeks and neck. Symptoms can also include: fever; headache or earache; tiredness; sore muscles; dry mouth; trouble talking, chewing or swallowing; or loss of appetite.

If you experience swelling in your cheeks and neck, stay at home and contact Health Link available 24/7 by dialing 811. Mumps can be prevented through the mumps vaccine.

For more information:


   Learn more about ergonomics 
    Learn more about occupational health programs
    Report a workplace injury
    Participate in a health check

Additional Resources

WellBeing and Worklife

This portfolio provides University of Calgary faculty and staff with information about the work-life and wellness services and resources available across the campus as well as in the greater Calgary community.

SU Wellness Centre

Faculty and staff can access Chiropractic, Massage and Nutrition Services by booking an appointment at 403-210-9355.