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Debra Jensen, Mount Royal University and Saundra Lipton, University of Calgary have been active collaborators (till Debra's untimely death July 15, 2012*) in the compilation of a  comprehensive bibliography of scholarly works on Simone Weil published since 1995.  Publications worldwide have been surveyed.  Over  3700 works on Simone have been discovered.  This bibliography currently lists over 2900  books, essays, journal articles and theses on Simone Weil.  This file will continue to be updated as new items are collected and current records are verified. 
Bibliography of Simone Weil  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, the database search functions have been disabled as they were consuming too much computing power.  Use the Google  Search to conduct a general search of the bibliography (NOTE Google does not retrieve all works in the database).    Select Author, Keyword, Type or Year to browse through records sorted by author, keyword, format or year (note that only English language works and a select number of works in other languages currently have been assigned subjects (keywords).  Please contact me if you need a more thorough search of the database.
When viewing the brief record  you need to click on the title of the work to see any URLs to free full-text, annotations and list of keywords.  

Please forward suggestions for inclusion to Saundra Lipton

* Debra's obituary

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