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Registrar Services

Within Student and Enrolment Services, the Registrar Services area is responsible for managing key aspects of the University of Calgary's "academic business," including academic scheduling, exams, grades, records management and transcripts. In addition, the Service Stop provides a one-stop contact point for undergraduate students, helping them through in-person and telephone support.

We are committed to helping the University of Calgary community, supporting students as they navigate through the necessary processes to complete their credentials. Registrar Services devotes significant attention to:

  • Maintaining and managing student academic records to ensure the integrity of all students' records
  • Preparing the annual academic timetable to create a balanced schedule, and also to serve as an expert resource for academic support units
  • Preparing sessional exam timetables to ensure conflict-free exams for students
  • Recording and maintaining final grades consistent with approved policy and procedures
  • Preparing and distributing official transcripts for students