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Student Awards and Financial Aid

The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office offers assistance and information about student awards and financial aid services to undergraduates, helping link you to valuable financial resources that recognize academic achievement and reduce financial barriers to post-secondary study.

The University recognizes the academic achievement of entering and continuing students by offering scholarship and award programs that provide financial benefit to deserving students. We also manage a bursary program that provides assistance to students with demonstrated financial need and are the campus connection to the provincial student loans program. We provide for and facilitate:

  • A comprehensive website: explaining what's available and enabling you to apply for awards and aid online
  • Emergency bursary and loan funding: seeing you through periods of financial difficulty and encouraging you to stay at the University of Calgary
  • Student awards: overseeing the awarding of more than $12 million every year for undergraduate students
  • External awards nominations: ensuring you are considered for awards offered beyond the University
  • Budgeting advice: helping you manage your finances
  • Seeking new award opportunities: in close consultation with faculty and donors so you can benefit from new awards and bursaries