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Submitted by Stephanie Barnes on Wed, 09/16/2015 - 9:28am

Senator in the Spotlight

Senator Spotlight: Mark Salkeld

Q) What is your role within the Senate?

A) I sit on the Senate Development Committee. As a Senator, I have come to learn a lot more about the university and all that it has going on. I have become a mentor to a student working towards their masters in reservoir engineering and I am learning a great deal through this rewarding relationship!

Q) What is your favourite part about joining the Senate?

A) I've enjoyed meeting new people and attending events on campus from convocation to stampede breakfasts. It's been interesting to see the university evolve and keep ahead of the times for students with digital libraries and learning facilities that support their ability to communicate and collaborate with other students and faculty.

Q) What is your most memorable experience to date as a member of the Senate?

A) I've taken on the role of completing exit interviews with retiring Senators. From this I've learned so much from the folks I get to chat with - about their careers and why they decided to share their knowledge with the Senate and give back to the university. It's sad to see them leave but in return we've learned a lot about how to support and improve the Senate.

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About the University of Calgary Senate

The Senate creates a bridge between the university and the wider community by representing the public interest; promoting the university on local, national and international levels; influencing decision makers; fostering student interests; and promoting and recognizing excellence.

Senators attend regular meetings, participate in ongoing standing committee work, hold special events throughout the year and provide a continued and highly visible contact point for all stakeholders to communicate with the university.

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