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Noorie Jadavji

Co-operative Education and Internship Coordinator
Undergraduate Science Centre, 4th Floor EEEL
T. 403.220.3688


Co-operative Education and Internship Faculty Representatives:

Actuarial Science

David Scollnik
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Applied Chemistry

Ashley Causton 
Department of Chemistry


Kyla Flanagan
Department of Biological Sciences


Computer Science

Tony Tang
Department of Computer Science



Student Requirements for Co-op & Internship

Welcome!  Here you can find Co-op & Internship information program specifics, eligibility requirements and international opportunities.

Find out about common Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Application Deadlines
    • Co-op:    May 1 st  and October 1 st
    • Internship:   May 1 st  and October 1 st

Eligibility & Requirements


Applications for the Co-op & Internship program are accepted online through CareerLink. (Login as a Student  > Select Faculty of Science Co-op/Internship from the left menu > Complete application for your major > Submit).


Application Fee

Once your application is accepted, there is a one-time, non-refundable, administrative fee of $50.00 payable to Enrollment Services. After this, no fees will be applied until a work term is secured when you are registered in the Co-op or Internship course. Students will see this charge in their online Student Service Centre and can pay via standard payment options.

Full-time Co-operative Education/Internship students are required to pay Students' Union fees and Student Health and Dental Plan fees. Campus Recreation, Athletic and Student Services fees are not charged; however, if the student concurrently registers in other University of Calgary courses, compulsory general fees in total will be charged.

Co-operative Education/Internship fees are non-refundable once the student has registered in the course.

Course Registration Fee, Taxes & Student Status

Once on a work term, you will be registered in the Co-op or Internship course. In this course, you are considered a full-time student even though you are working instead of studying. Please refer to the Undergraduate Tuition and General Fees

While working, you are still covered by the Student Health and Dental Insurance plan and Students’ Union fees still apply. If you are enrolled in a course while working, you will automatically be assessed the fee for the UPass

When you go to pick up your pass, provide proof of assessment for this fee to the Campus Ticket Centre.

While on your work term, student loans are still interest free and require no payments. You must still fill out [ these forms ] to ensure that your lenders do not require any payments while on your work term. However, for tax purposes, you will not be considered a full- or part-time student on the T22 02A tax form. You are not eligible for the Education Tax Amount for the duration of your work term(s).

Differential Fee

This fee is applicable only to international students enrolled at the University of Calgary. Applicants who have a work permit or are dependents of person(s) on a work permit are required to pay this differential fee, unless you are a Canadian or a Landed Immigrant.