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Research and Innovation

Pursue your research passion in the Faculty of Science.

Researchers in the Faculty of Science are involved in an impressive variety of fields – from 
astrophysics to zoology, nanotechnology to virtual reality, metabolomics to mathematics and much more!

In all cases, our faculty researchers, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students live up to the highest standards in their disciplines, seeking to expand human knowledge through curiosity, innovation, and discovery. 

The University of Calgary is a research-intensive institution with aspirations to be one of the top five research institutions in Canada. These Eyes High goals will only be realized if we continue to push the boundaries of discovery and creativity in all of our departments and disciplines. We are proud of our reputation for research excellence in the Faculty of Science, and we are truly excited about the future.

From animals to zinc, find what speaks to you!

Discover innovations from teams diverse in background and experience.

Faculty, staff and students in the Faculty of Science are dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems. They make discoveries, see solutions(inventions) in that new knowledge and innovate to provide real world solutions to problems. Every day they are shaping the quality of life in our communities at home and abroad. We are working toward a culture of innovation, supported by strong basic research that creates conditions for major discoveries and spurs commercial technology or other solutions.

Every week a group of Faculty of Science innovators  - Skunkworks - come together to combine talent and ambition to talk about discovery, invention and innovation and what that looks like for our faculty. If you aren’t familiar with a skunkworks approach – it’s a small group of people who work on a project in an unconventional way. One goal of the group is to link current activities across faculties at the University of Calgary to build stronger connections with local, national and international business communities.

Our faculty provides an outstanding academic environment, proven research expertise and deployed technologies and solutions!


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