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BI 540, Biological Sciences Building
University of Calgary
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Research for Graduates

Biological Sciences

Some interesting areas of research activity include animal physiology, biotechnology, conservation biology, environmental microbiology, genomics and much more.


Research initiatives occur in many areas of the geosciences, including petrology, tectonics, glaciology, quaternary and surficial geology, hydrogeology, planetary geology, seismology and solid earth geophysics.





Research activities bridge five broad areas:  analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, applied chemistry and physical & theoretical chemistry.

Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics focuses on a variety of research areas - such as actuarial science, bio-statistics, cryptography, industrial mathematics and numerous other fields.


Computer Science

Research is clustered in five focus areas: foundations of computer science, information security & data management, networks & distributed systems, software engineering and visual & interactive computing.

Physics & Astronomy

Four main research areas within the Department of Physics and Astronomy include astronomy & astrophysics, complexity science, environmental physics and isotope science laboratory.