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Submitted by burnsc on Mon November 4, 2013 - 1:39pm

Why Choose The Faculty of Science?

The Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary comprises more than 4,000 students and 200 faculty members spanning six departments - Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geoscience, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics and Astronomy. Our faculty, which is led by knowledgeable faculty members – many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields - offers innovative programs, hands-on research opportunities, access to cutting-edge laboratories, linkages to a global network of alumni and a stimulating environment where students can thrive.

Admissions and Student Life

  • 4% international undergraduate students
  • 22 international university partners for science specific exchange programs

Faculty Breadth and Depth

Pioneering Research

  • 34 Research chairs
  • $62M External annual research funding (2012)
  • $12.4M Research funding from industry grants and contracts (2012)
  • $4.7M Graduate scholarship funding awarded (2011-2012)
  • World-class research facilities and instrumentation
    ( EEEL Building )


Committment to Sustainability

The Faculty of Science:

  • Supports sustainability - ensuring future success and prosperity
  • Recognizes sustainability encompasses all aspects of teaching, research, service and campus operations
  • Strives to reduce ecological impact in all ways, large and small
  • Is committed to become leader in economic viability, environmental sustainability and social justice
  • Understands the importance of culture, history, art, music, literature, social work, communications, science, engineering and the contributions from all faculties are integral to furthering sustainability at the University of Calgary


Visit Sustainability ON , for more information regarding the University's commitment to sustainability

Engaging Teaching

Dynamic Student Experience

Notable Alumni

Biological Sciences

  • Dr. Frederik A. Jacobs, Manager at Abbott Point-of-Care
  • Dr. J. Roger Jacobs, Head of the Biology Department at McMaster University

Computer Science

  • James Gosling, JAVA
  • Andrew Pearce, Dreamworks
  • Anand Argawala, Bump Top / Google
  • Adrian Zissos, Barebones

Environmental Sciences

  • Robert Earley, Executive Director of the Beijing Energy Network


  • Matt Brister, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Chinook Energy Inc.
  • Virginia Riggert