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Science Collaborative Space

As the second largest Faculty on campus, Science Students now have a space dedicated for them thanks to the Student’s Union Quality Money Program!

The Science Collaborative Space serves as a collaborative learning space to help build a sense of community, and foster a stronger sense of connection within our faculty! It aims to promote a long term positive effect to encourage engagement and community within the Faculty and the greater University community.

It facilitates learning through the use of collaborative workrooms equipped with modern technologies and group initiatives. A central open space with tables, chairs and couches allows students to work individually and in groups or to just hang out and relax! Additionally, it is equipped with moveable furniture, stage and podium making the room easily converted to serve for various functions including Faculty events, student organized events and workshops.

Special programming will take place in the space allowing for: Innovation, Discovery, Community, and Collaboration.

The Science Collaborative Space is open Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm

If you are interested in booking the Science Collaborative Space for your event please refer to the Terms of Use