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Programs and Codes of Practice

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The University's Hazard Assessment and Control Procedure and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, require that hazard controls be implemented to eliminate or reduce the risk of hazards and prevent injuries in the workplace.
The programs and codes of practice listed below are 'administrative' controls that have been developed to control hazards that may not be eliminated by engineering controls.

Health and Safety Programs & Standards

Environmental Health and Safety has developed a number of comprehensive health and safety programs to direct and provide guidance to the University community with respect to specific health and safety issues.These programs have been developed to control recognized hazards and to meet regulatory compliance.

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Codes of Practice

The University of Calgary is required under Part 4 of the Occupational Health & Safety Code to have a code of practice governing the storage, handling, use and disposal of the following chemical substances. These 18 Codes of Practice have been developed to meet this requirement and are intended to provide direction to those who may potentially be exposed to these chemical substances.

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