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Formal Workplace Inspections

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New Inspection Cycle: January 1 - June 30, 2017

New Inspection Cycle:  January 1 - June 30, 2017

Laboratory/workshops self-inspections are required each year.  The previous inspection cycle has ended and the system was reset on January 1, 2017.

The expectation is that all laboratory/workshop self-inspections for the new cycle are to be completed by June 30, 2016. This cutoff date is set so that reporting of inspection completion/status can be presented to senior management in a timely manner. This information is used to assist departments, faculties and the University to identify future health and safety system needs. The timing allows these needs to be considered in the annual planning and budgetary cycles. After the cutoff date, Chematix is still open for inspections and there is an expectation that they will be conducted.  However, inspections completed after that date will not be included in reporting to senior management.

Please remember to review and correct all deficiencies identified prior to the next inspection cycle.


What this means:

Any deficiencies that were not addressed from previous inspections are no longer correctable in Chematix. However, any deficiencies identified in your last inspection will be highlighted in the new inspection checklist. You should concentrate on correcting the highlighted deficiencies.


Need help?

Detailed information on how to complete an inspection and criteria for answering each inspection item can be found in the "Procedures, Checklists and Training" menu below.

Responsibilties for Formal Workplace Inspections

Department Heads and Directors

  • Ensure Principal Investigators and Workshop Supervisors are fulfilling their responsibilities to conduct laboratory and/or workshop self-inspections annually and meet the requirements outlined in this procedure.
  • Assign a departmental/unit “Reviewer” to monitor progress and compliance to this requirement.


Principal Investigators and Workshop Supervisors

  • Inspect laboratories and/or workshops annually and enter results into the web-based Inspection Module in ChematixTM.
  • Involve workers in laboratory and/or workshop inspections.
  • Involve Safety Improvement Team (SIT) members during inspections when possible.
  • Record deficiencies and corrective actions in the ChematixTM Inspection Module.
  • Implement corrective actions to correct deficiencies in accordance with the risk rating and timeline for corrective actions identified on the Laboratory and Workshop Inspection Checklist with References documents.
  • Share inspections results and corrective actions with laboratory and/or workshop employees.
  • Participate in inspection training.



  • Participate in laboratory and/or workshop inspections when requested.
  • Participate in laboratory and/or workshop inspection training as required.


 Environment, Health and Safety

  • Develop and update the University’s Workplace Inspection Procedure.
  • Administer and manage the ChematixTM Inspection Module.
  • Provide laboratory and/or workshop self-inspection training.
  • Audit compliance with the University’s Workplace Inspection Procedure.



Procedure, Checklists and Training


Workplace Inspection Procedure - Revised February 1, 2017


Administrative Areas Checklist

Administrative Areas Checklist -  Revised February 1, 2017


CHEMATIX Inspection Checklists with References & Resources

The following checklist tools have been developed to assist Managers, Researchers, Principal Investigators and Supervisors responsible for conducting inspections understand the risk rating, timeline for corrective action, legislative requirement and corresponding University specific reference and resource for each inspection item. The checklist tools include hyperlinks to the associated University specific references and resources.


CHEMATIX Training Guides

All self-inspections for laboratories and workshops are to be conducted within the Chematix suite of programs.  Deficiencies identified as a result of these inspections will also be managed within Chematix.

The Chematix Self-Inspection Instructions provide step by step instructions on how to access and complete self-inspections in ChematixTM. The instructions help you navigate the software as you perform your self-inspection and manage identified.

The Monitoring Laboratory and Workshop Self-Inspections guide provides step by step instructions for departmental 'Reviewers' on how to access ChematixTM and monitor compliance.

Should you encounter difficulty accessing the Inspections module, or have questions not answered in the presentations please contact Environment, Health and Safety at for assistance.


Inspection Training

All individuals designated to conduct laboratory and/or workshop self-inspections should have sufficient experience and knowledge of the workplace and hazards that may be present.

As indicated in the Workplace Inspection Procedure, training is provided by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Contact EHS at to request training.