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Health & Safety Committees and Records

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Health and Safety Committees

There are many opportunities for faculty and staff to become involved in safety programs and issues at the University ofCalgary .

Safety Improvement Teams (SIT)

Safety Improvement Teams (SITs) provide an excellent opportunity for faculty, staff and students to identify concerns, propose solutions and collaborate on initiatives relating to the health and safety. 

SITs include departmental representatives who work together to identify and resolve safety issues. Eventually many departments will have Safety Improvement Teams.

Other committees on campus include:


Health and Safety Records

Health and safety records should be retained for a minimum of 3 years.

Safety Moment Topics

In addition to incorporating health and safety as a regular agenda item at faculty/ departmental/ unit meetings, including safety moments at the beginning of your meetings provide a quick and easy way to discuss safety issues or topics.

Safety Moments are brief discussions on a safety-related topic. These 2-3 minute talks reinforce safety knowledge and promote a positive safety culture.

To assist the university community, we are building this as a repository of safety moment topics.

Meeting Agenda Topics

Meeting Agenda Topics

Managers and Supervisors are required to incorporate health and safety as a regular agenda item at their faculty/departmental/unit meetings, document and retain the meeting minutes.

A number of suggestions are provided below. Managers and Supervisors are encouraged to be creative and solicit ideas/suggestions from their employees.

  • Safety Moment - Safety Moment presented by employee.

  • Health and Safety Open Forum - Open forum for employees to bring forward health and safety questions, concerns or suggestions.

  • Health and Safety Responsibilities, Policy and Legislation - Discuss/review health and safety policies, and applicable legislation; Discuss the results of recent Manager/Supervisor worksite tours.

  • Hazard Assessment and Control - Review Hazard Assessment and Control Forms (HACFs); Follow up on assignments for eliminating or controlling identified hazards; Encourage employees to identify any unsafe conditions or tasks, and discuss ways to eliminate or control the hazards; When appropriate, assign responsibilities for eliminating or controlling identified hazards.

  • Formal Workplace Inspections - Discuss the results of recent safety inspections; Discuss actions taken to correct deficiencies identified during inspections; When appropriate, assign responsibilities for correcting deficiencies identified during inspections.

  • Orientation and Training - Discuss new training, job-specific training, safe work procedures or other policies and procedures that need to be implemented.

  • Emergency Response - Discuss University emergency instructions and procedures specific to your area, including first aid.

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation - Discuss incidents that have occurred in your area/department since the last meeting and corrective actions taken to prevent future incidents.


Meeting Minute Templates

Meeting Minute Templates

The following meeting minute templates have been developed to guide managers and supervisors document their meetings. The templates may be used as they are or may be modified to meet the specific needs of the faculty/departmental/unit.

Meeting minutes are to be retained in the OHSMS Department Manual under Health & Safety Committee and Records for a minimum of 3 years.