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Other Courses

University of Calgary

  • Evidence (Phil 409.02), a pilot project, co-taught with Dennis McKerlie
  • Vagueness (Phil 595/601)
  • Proof Theory (Phil 595/601)
  • Modality and Modal Logic (Phil 595/601)
  • Many-dimensional Modal Logic (Phil 595/601)

Stanford University

  • History of Early Analytic Philosophy
  • Logic, Reasoning, and Argumentation
  • Philosophy of Logic

University of California, Berkeley

  • Introduction to Logic (Phil 12A)

University of Technology, Vienna

  • Intuitionistic Logic
  • Theories of Truth
  • Logics of Belief and Knowledge
  • Models of Arithmetic
  • Proof Theory for Computer Scientists

Former Students

Teaching Resources

Using Spreadsheets to Keep Track of Students' Grades

A tutorial on how to use Excel and other spreadsheet programs to manage class grade sheets and do basic conversions (letter grades to grade points and back, percentile ranks) and statistics.

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