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Submitted by Sara Negri on Sat, 05/31/2014 - 9:45am

I am sorry for having missed what would have been the last chance to meet him, in a conference in St. Petersburg that I could not attend.
He was always enthusiastically engaged in listening to research ideas, giving advice and references, and spotting errors.
Two years ago in Oberwolfach I explained to him during a coffee break a result I had found (a generalised form of the first-order Barr theorem) and his immediate reaction was that it could not be correct. I knew that the result was correct because I had proved it, and the proof was very simple with the right method, yet he was absolutely sure it was wrong. Our discussion was interrupted by the beginning of the following talk. During that talk (not much followed by either of us, both mentally checking the proof) he turned repeatedly to my direction with a concerned expression. I had checked the result once more, so I knew why he was worried and why he was looking at me. He was afraid of having made me upset. In fact, during the next break, the first thing he told me was:
"Yes, you are right, it's correct!"