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This is an academic community for first-year business students. It is offered in collaboration with the Haskayne School of Business and is located in Rundle Hall.

How to Apply

Check off Business on your online Residence application form and answer the application question.



For more information, contact email Christiana Manzocco.

There is a particular focus on developing a community of first-year peers who are studying business. Students will have opportunities to meet and build connections with Haskayne faculty and staff through activities and events designed to complement coursework, offered right where they live. Because students in this community are in the same academic program, they can share an ongoing support network. University of Calgary Co-Curricular Record credit will be awarded to participants who achieve a required standard of community engagement. Students can expect:

  • Opportunities to create study and activity groups with other Haskayne students
  • Opportunities to meet Haskayne faculty in an informal setting
  • Sessions provided by the Haskayne School of Business
  • Leadership development activities
  • Peer presentations on topics ranging from communication skills, to dressing for success

What to expect:

  • Attend at least 75 per cent of the community’s event programming
  • Complete the StrengthFinders leadership development assessment and a Strengths discovery workshop
  • Contribute to implementing the community’s year-end project or event
  • Participate in peer review sessions and study groups
  • Participate in the Business Academic Community Council