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Meal plans

All University of Calgary students can buy a meal plan, whether they live in residence or not. Rooms in Kananaskis Hall, Rundle Hall, the Scholars' Advantage Community, and Yamnuska Hall either have no cooking facilities, or minimal cooking facilities, which means if you live in these buildings you will need a meal plan.

How meal plans work – in a nutshell

  • Dollars are added to your Unicard on both the Meal Plan Money and Food Fund debit accounts
  • Meal Plan Money purchases are GST exempt, which means you save 5 per cent on all your food purchases
  • You can add funds to either account at anytime
  • You can spend Meal Plan Money and Food Funds at several food outlets on campus
  • The debit accounts are a declining balance system — when you buy food, the amount is subtracted from the balance on your Unicard, just like a debit card 
  • The Unicard website has more information about which food outlets accept the Unicard, what Meal Plan Money and Food Funds are, and more

Meal Plan options & rates

Click here for options and rates.

Campus Dining

Click here for locations and hours of operation.

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