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Living here

Living here is all about the day-to-day need to knows. How to connect with your peer support network, how to report a maintenance issue, where you get help with your academic studies, how to add funds to your meal plan.

Service setup

From cable and internet to laundry, meals and parking, setting up your services is an essential part of starting off in residence.
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Your meal plan

Get to know your meal options from menu choices to rates.
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Free Study Aid

Living on campus comes with great benefits like free study sessions. Study Aid is a program for undergrads to work with student staff and each other to achieve academic success.
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Your peer support

Community Advisors and Student Representatives play a big role in residence community life.

They organize events and help students with everything from homesickness to health and academics. Learn more

Important forms

Living in residence comes with some new responsibilities. A list of important forms is available for you to ensure that you have easy access to important processes that impact your day-to-day life in residence.
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Housekeeping services

Students are responsible to keep their own rooms and personal space clean and tidy. Residence Services is now offering housekeeping and laundry services for residents who may not have the time, or need help keeping up with weekly chores.
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Part of living on campus is moving off campus at the end of the academic year. Familiarize yourself with the move-out process to make your moving experience as easy as possible.
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FAQs cover a range of topics from thermostat issues in your room to tenants insurance.
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Counsellor in Residence

We all need support at one time or another. The Counsellor in Residence program brings that support into residence, dedicating mental wellbeing support, education, and awareness to residence students.

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