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Apartment online room selection FAQs

When will I get my time slot?

Applications received prior to Feb. 10, will receive an Offer of Residence with a time slot in March. Students who apply between Feb. 11 and March 31 will receive an Offer of Residence with time slot in April. Applications received after March 31, are processed after May 1.

If I apply for residence and receive a time slot, do I have to participate in the online room selection?

Yes, if you wish to live in residence you must select a room, or else your Offer of Residence will be canceled. Once your time slot is deleted, you will need to contact Residence Services and ask to be placed on the wait list.

What is an advance time slot?

Advance time slots are given to students with GPAs of 3.5 or higher, Student Involvement Award winners, and those who win contests throughout the year; these students are granted a 'pre-selection' option whereby they are able to choose from available rooms before the majority of other resident applicants. An average of 200 advance time slots are awarded each year.

What is pulling-in?

Pulling-in allows two-to-four residents who want to live together to use the earliest time slot of the group to select their rooms. The resident with the earliest time slot pulls-in his or her roommate(s) during their time slot. To be pulled-in, all requested roommates must have applied for residence, received a time slot, and have been accepted as roommates in the "Roommate Preferences" step of the application. If one of your requested roommate(s) did not receive a time slot, they will not be able to be pulled-in.

Who may I pull-in?

You can only pull-in residents with the same Student Classification and who have applied for the same term.

Can I live co-ed?

Yes, but both residents must contact Residence Services and request each other as a roommate.