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Co-op and Internships

Be ahead of the game by enhancing your degree with Co-op!

What is Co-op?

Co-op is an academic program that integrates university study with relevant work experience. In Co-op, students alternate academic terms with three or four paid work terms that are approximately four months in duration. By graduation, a Co-op student will have 12-16 months of paid, degree-related work experience and a Co-op designation on his/her degree. Students gain important business and technical skills as well as a competitive edge upon graduation.

Benefits of Co-op

  • Get a head start on your career and develop valuable marketable skills
  • Complement your education by applying real world knowledge to the classroom
  • Build confidence and contribute to worthwhile projects
  • Explore and clarify your career goals through different jobs and work environments
  • Network and establish important employer and business contacts
  • Learn job search strategies including interviewing and resume writing
  • Earn money and reduce or eliminate student loans
  • Aligns with the University goal of experiential learning
  • Listed as one of the top ten experiences employers look for when hiring new graduates


The University of Calgary offers several different options for Internship programs. It is important to do your research of the different programs available to find out what internships are best for you.

Career Services – Co-op and Internships

Alberta Internship Program

International Internship Opportunities

Students for Development Internships

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Internships

Faculty of Law – Co-op and Internships

International Youth Internship Program

Social Work

Schulich School of Engineering – Co-op and Internships

Faculty of Arts – Co-op and Internships

Faculty of Arts, Drama – Co-op and Internships

Haskayne School of Business – Co-op and Internships

MBA Internships

Department of Computer Science – Co-op and Internships

Department of Political Science – Co-op and Internships

Department of Mathematics and Statistics – Co-op and Internships

Department of Economics – Co-op and Internships