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Research Enablers

A top university should not only maintain facilities and have systems that adhere to federal and provincial regulations, but should also provide leadership in animal care, ethics in human subject research, financial and conflict of interest compliance, and governance. We will invest to improve our systems and facilities, but also engage our academy to advance research in these areas and provide advanced training for the next generation of scholars and ethical leaders. We will also lead approaches for provincial harmonization of core activities, by providing new electronic processes that enable research organizations to meet compliance requirements.

Research Enablers include our ‘state-of-the-art’ animal care facilities (e.g., the new Clara Christie Centre for Mouse Genomics) that promote research in Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences, and also test new animal models or protocols that meet the highest ethical standards. Research Enablers also include new avenues for supporting interdisciplinary research of high relevance to our community. The Urban Alliance, for example, is a partnership between the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary to use our communities as a “collaboratory” to investigate vital topics such as addressing poverty, urban development, housing and public building design, transportation networks, economic growth, and social supports. The Urban Alliance enables data sharing and shared access to facilities by students and staff from the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary. Other Research Enablers include the new Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business, supported by the Haskayne School of Business and our research libraries.