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The Royal Society is the recognized pre-eminent body of independent scholars, researchers and creative people in Canada whose Fellows comprise a collegium that can provide intellectual leadership for the betterment of Canada and the world. The Royal Society is comprised of three Academies, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, as well as the College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.

Election to Fellowship in the Society is the highest academic accolade in Canada that is available to scientists and scholars.  The Fellowship comprises four categories: Honorary Fellows. Regularly Elected Fellows, Specially Elected Fellows and Foreign Fellows. Fellows are elected to one of the three Academies. A separate election is held for membership in the College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.

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University of Calgary 2016 New Fellows:

Division of Humanities

  • Susan Bennett: Department of English, University of Calgary

Innovative and theoretically sophisticated in its approach, Susan Bennett’s work in the areas of theatre and performance studies has challenged the ways scholars and practitioners perceive performance in its sociocultural contexts. In her career, she has steadfastly underscored the social capital of the humanities and documented the need for renewed creativity in the arts across Canada.

Life Science Division

  • Lawrence Harder: Faculty of Science, University of Calgary

Lawrence Harder has exposed new perspectives on the ecology and evolution of angiosperm reproduction. His theoretical and empirical research illustrates the contribution of plant-pollinator interactions to the diversity of flowering plants, reveals inflorescences, rather than individual flowers, as the fundamental unit of plant mating, and integrates ecological and genetic perspectives on plant mating. He has also clarified the nature of pollination problems confronting global agricultural production and identified principles for improved agricultural practice.

Academy of Science

  • Rangaraj M. Rangayyan: Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary

Rangaraj M. Rangayyan has made substantial contributions to biomedical engineering and computer-aided diagnosis. His books are used at several universities for research and teaching, and have been translated to Russian and Mandarin. With collaborators, he has developed several techniques for detection of abnormalities in biomedical signals and images, including breast cancer and degeneration of knee-joint cartilage.

  • Nigel Shrive: Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

Nigel Shrive is internationally known and respected, in both civil and biomedical engineering, for his theoretical contributions, ingenious testing, real-world applications and development of novel testing equipment. His research has resulted in significant impacts on the fields of masonry and concrete, joints and tissues, and the cardiovascular system. His work has resulted in six patents, two books, 14 book chapters and more than 400 papers.

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University of Calgary Royal Society Fellows

Baldwin, Barry (Emeritus, Classics/Greek & Roman Studies, 1997)

Behie, Leo (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 2008)

Bell, Allan (Music, 2007)

Bennett, Susan (Literature, 2016)

Bercuson, David (History, 1988)

Birss, Viola (Chemistry, 2011)

Bruton, Len (Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1994)

Cairncross, J. Gregory (Clinical Neurosciences, 2009)

Cameron, Eric (Art, 2008)

Campbell, Finley (Emeritus, Geology and Geophysics, 1971)

Cannon, Elizabeth (Geomatics Engineering, 2004)

Chivers, Tristram (Chemistry, 1991)

Cooper, Barry (Political Science, 1993)

Cross, James (Veterinary Medicine, 2015)

Dilger, Walter (Emeritus, Civil Engineering, 1994)

Eagle, David (Music, 2013)

Eaton, Curtis (Economics, 2010)

Eggermont, Jos (Emeritus, Psychology, 2014)

Fedigan, Linda (Anthropology, 2005)

Flanagan, Tom (Political Science, 1996)

Frank, Arthur (Sociology, 2005)

Ghannouchi, Fadhel (Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010)

Harder, Lawrence D (Science, 2016)

Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, 2013)

Hollenberg, Morley (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 2003)

Jones, G. Melvill (Emeritus, Clinical Neurosciences, 1979)

Jullien, Graham (Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009)

Katzenberg, Anne (Archaeology, 2003)

Kauffman, Stuart (Molecular Biology and Genetics, 2008)

Kubes, Paul (Physiology and Biophysics, 2009)

Lachapelle, Gerard (Geomatics Engineering, 2002)

Lancaster, Peter (Emeritus, Mathematics and Statistics, 1984)

Langford, Cooper (Emeritus, Chemistry, 1991)

Larter, Stephen (Geosciences 2012)

Layzell, David (1998)

Lees-Miller, Susan (Faculty of Medicine, 2010)

Mahoney, Kathleen (Law, 1997)

Martin, Renae (Emerita, Medical Genetics, 2008)

McCauley, Edward (Biological Sciences, 2008)

Meynell, Hugo (Philosophy, 1993)

Nielsen, Kai (Emeritus, Philosophy, 1988)

Penelhum, Terence (Emeritus, Religious Studies, 1975)

Pharis, Richard (Biological Sciences, 1988)

Piers, Warren (Chemistry, 2006)

Pittman, Quentin (Hotchkiss Brain Institute, 2010)

Proud, David (Medicine, 2012)

Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw (Computer Science, 2014)

Randall, Stephen (History/Political Science, 1996)

Rangayyan, Rangaraj (Science, 2016)

Robertson, R.E. (Emeritus, Chemistry, 1965)

Salahub, Dennis (Chemistry, 1998)

Shrive, Nigel (Sciene, 2016)

Stebbins, Robert (Emeritus, Sociology, 1999)

Stys, Peter (Clinical Neurosciences, 2013)

Taylor, Scott (Economics, 2014)

Van Herk, Aritha (English, 1997)

Veale, Warren (Emeritus, Physiology & Biophysics/Kinesiology, 1988)

Vogel, Hans (Biological Sciences, 2012)

Wall, Anthony (French, Italian and Spanish, 2009)

Wallace, John (Medical Sciences, 2008)

Walsh, Michael (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2009)

Wardlaw, Norman (Emeritus, Geology and Geophysics, 1998)

Weiss, Samuel (Hotchkiss Brain Institute, 2009)

Yong, Voon-Wee (Clinical Neurosciences, 2014)

Zamponi, Gerald (Physiology and Biophysics, 2008)


Dixon, Gordon (Microbiology and Biochemistry, 1970, Deceased)

Krouse, Howard (Earth Sciences, 1994, Deceased)

Krouse, Roy (Physics and Astronomy, 1994, Deceased)

Lederis, Karolis (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 1987, Deceased)

Parkinson, Dennis (Biological Sciences, 1983, Deceased)

Ziegler, Tom (Chemistry, 1997, Deceased)

University of Calgary Society of Canada Medal and Prize Winners



Prize Name



Aritha van Herk

Lorne Pierce Medal


Physiology & Pharmacology

Morley Hollenberg

McLaughlin Medal


Biological Sciences

Peter Tieleman

Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry



Arthur Frank

Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics



David Bercuson

J. B. Tyrrell Historical Medal



Warren E. Piers

Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry


Physics & Astronomy

Roy Krouse

Miroslaw Romanowski Medal



Susan M. Bradley UofC/University of South Wales (NSERC)

The Alice Wilson Award


Medical Biochemistry

Gordon H. Dixon

The Flavelle Medal