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Call for Nominations

Prestigious prizes and awards for research are an important element in a faculty member’s career, as they provide recognition, at various levels, of the excellence and significance of scholarly contributions. These awards also provide a measure of an individual’s contributions to their discipline or field and impact of their research, which is frequently utilized to secure research funding and further recognition within the specific discipline, in the broader research community, and with the general public.

Recognition of individual faculty members also reflects upon the University of Calgary, broadening and strengthening its reputation for research excellence, contributing to concrete benefits such as the attraction and retention of high-caliber students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members, and increased public awareness of the University’s activities. Recognition of the excellence of individual faculty members is essential for accomplishing our Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan.

Nominate a Colleague:

We strongly encourage all members of the University of Calgary to become involved in the nomination of colleagues. If you wish to make a nomination, please contact the Research Services Office, below, one of the members of the Prizes and Awards Committee. You may also contact a faculty representative, either your Associate Dean (Research), or a designated Prizes and Awards contact:

In order to track the success of our faculty members and share their stories, we ask that nominators inform the Research Services Office of any nominations being put forward.

Prize and Award Opportunities:

The Office of the Vice-President (Research) and the Research Services Office regularly announce opportunities for prizes and awards to the University community. Targeted announcements are also shared with specific faculties and departments. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please contact the Research Services Office, below.

A searchable Prizes & Awards Calendar is available for the University community, which lists prizes and awards for all disciplines and career stages, deadlines, eligibility requirements and other important information, and links to the sponsors’ web sites. If you are aware of prizes and awards not listed on the Calendar, please contact the Research Services Office.

Research Services is also happy to assist faculty members find prizes and awards suitable to their area of research and career level. See contact information below.

Research Services:

The Research Services Office supports award nominations in several different ways:

  • sends out notification of upcoming deadlines
  • reviews the requirements and terms of reference with anyone wanting to put forward a nomination package
  • solicits letters of reference on behalf of the nominator
  • solicits application signatures for any nomination forms
  • meets with you to discuss possible nominees and how to prepare the nomination package
  • coordinates review of nomination packages by members of the College of Reviewers, which is comprised of previous award winners
  • edits draft nomination packages
  • reviews nomination packages for completeness
  • submits nominations via courier


Tiago Lier, PhD
Specialist, Research Awards
Research Services Office
Telephone: (403) 210-7224