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Project Management Resources

When you think of project management there is a good chance a vision of flow charts and elaborate calendars come to mind yet project management is simply taking a specific approach to planning, implementing and overseeing a project.

A research project is often a dynamic initiative involving many people and processes. In an effort to be as efficient as possible with time, resources and money some of the following project management based tools can add structure to the management and flow of your projects.

Type the term “project management” into any search engine and a staggering amount of results show up. The project management process is essentially planning, doing, and evaluating. To keep things manageable and specific to a research project, the resources provide here fall into three general categories

  1. Getting Started
  2. A Project in Progress
  3. Concluding a Project

While in its initial phase, this page will continue to evolve in an effort to offer a robust set of resources to assist and support the management of research projects across campus. Below are a variety of tools to help you manage your research project but first it is important to understand the role of the Project Manager. In addition to these resources, in September 2011 U of C Research Project Managers initiated a working group to network and collaborate on a variety of Project Management issues.

The Project Manager’s (PM’s) job description encompasses overseeing the three general categories of the project management process in addition to setting the timelines and budget. The PM builds and manages the project’s teams and in our environment reports to the Principal Investigator. Further, the PM ensures the project adheres to the project plan.


Project Management: Getting Started

One of the most important things to successfully implement your project is to clearly define the goal and the scope and to determine how to allot time and resources. Below are the key components and aspects of a project to consider as you begin to organize and plan your research project.


Project Management: A Project In Process

Once the project is underway, it is vital to monitor and administer progress. The project’s progress and efficiency can be tracked through regular checkpoints and reporting.

  • Project Plan
  • Status Report (Resource)
  • Management Schedule (Gantt charts / Calendar Resources)
  • Project Changes


Project Management: Concluding a Project

  • Closing Report (Resource)
  • Lesson Learned (Resource)
  • Transition Plan