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Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks

Important Note: NSERC recently renamed this competition "Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks" from Strategic Network Grants" 

The NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for Network (SPG-N) program funds large-scale, multi-disciplinary research projects in targeted research areas that require a network approach. They involve collaboration between academic researchers and Canadian-based companies and/or organizations.

This program will fund networks for up to $5M over 5 years. The anticipated budget for the 2015 SNG competition is expected to result in the funding of two networks. 


  $500,000 - $1M per year for a maximum of $5M  


  5 years

 Application Process

The NSERC SPG-N program has a two stage adjudication process involving a preliminary application stage and a formal application stage (by invitation only). Important deadlines are identified below. 

SNG applications require strong institutional support in order to be successful at NSERC. To aid researchers in achieving success in the SNG competition, Research Services will provided faculty members who participate in the process outlined below with assistance in preparing the preliminary application. Participating faculty members will also be eligible to be considered for institutional support from the Vice-President (Research).


  Register for Test Your Concept 

  November 2, 2015

  Submit notice of intent to RSO   

  December 9, 2015

  Provide draft preliminary application for SUPPORT review 

  February 17, 2016

  Submit preliminary application for final review and institutional signoff  

  March 23, 2016

  Submit preliminary application to NSERC

   April 1, 2016

If you have any questions about the NSERC SNG program, please contact the Institutional Programs Division at